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Our Story


Our origin story is nothing short of unique.

In February of 2021,  I had been making our eco-friendly toilet cleaning pods for ourselves, friends, and family.  I had a couple extra jars, so I put them on our local Facebook buy and sell. Within 24 hours we had over 200 orders, and within a week we had two shops contact us saying that they wanted to stock our products. Within the span of two weeks, I went from never having intended to own a business, to “Holy moly! This is happening”. I quickly had branding designed, suppliers contacted, and stock building to prepare for an exciting new chapter. Since then, Oak & Willow has grown from being a solo operation on my kitchen table, to a viral brand with it's own warehouse and an amazing team of staff. We are so excited to see where the future takes us.


The Business Model

One of the many things that makes Oak & Willow special is our business model. The business operates as a collaborative meaning there's no CEO at the top hoarding wealth. We operate on an equalised wage model that ensures all employees make a living wage. Profit is distributed equally amongst the team ensuring proper compensation as well as igniting passion for the success of the business. Our team creates their own schedules that are best suited to their lives, and are encouraged to take as much paid-time off as needed. We recognise all members of our team as people over labourers and  ensure our workplace reflects that.


Our Mission

Every member of the Oak & Willow team can agree that the business’ success is each and everyone of our success. And really, success to us is not only creating a team-motivated, safe work place but also positively impacting our community. We believe that we can be part of a change we want to see globally. From our pay model, to our ethically sourced raw ingredients and beyond, Oak & Willow truly is the product of all our values and ethics.

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